REV4.0 - Jan 22 2024:

  • Added support for Toradex Verdin iMX8M Plus module with USB-C, HDMI, LVDS, I2C, I2S, MPI-CSI and SD Card interfaces
  • Added support for WiFi modules; add-on boards with esp32 and esp32-s3 modules are available
  • Added TPS61052 flash LED driver
  • Added MAX9814 microphone amplifier for headsets
  • Added hardware mute switch for microphone with microphone activity LED indicator
  • Improved camera interface — it now supports both central MCU and app-module camera interface
  • ArduCAM camera adapter add-on board is available
  • Added GPIO support for external buttons

REV3.5 - Apr 14 2023:

  • Added PCM1770 headphone amplifier
  • Added MAX9700 amplifier for BT817 audio
  • Replaced PCA9536 I/O expander with two FXL6408

REV3.2 - Sep 23 2022:

  • Added PCA9536 I/O expander for audio signals (stereo/mono and speaker gain controls)
  • Added I2S interrupt trigger pin and I2S serial data input/output multiplexers

REV3.1 - Dec 23 2021:

  • Added missing pull-up/pull-dn resistors
  • Improved input power section
  • Improved audio section
  • Improved stability of add-on boards
  • UART signals are routed through audio mux instead of I2C signals
  • Adjusted FFC connector positions on display adapter for proper display fit

REV3 - Oct 1 2021:

  • Touch controller is routed to FE310 instead of BT817
  • Added sound multiplexer between amplifier and phone jack/speakers
  • Added BT817 sound connector
  • Changed amplifier volage to 5.0V from BQ25895 boost converter
  • Added console connector and power/reset/alt boot switches for i.MX8
  • Added schottky barrier rectifier for BQ25895

REV2 - Mar 29 2021:

  • Replaced FT813 with BT817 display/touch controller BT817 24bit parallel output is serialized using DS90C185 i.MX8M LVDS output and BT817 output are multiplexed using TS3DV520E
  • Added 2nd MAX98357A amplifier for stereo sound
  • Added FT230X USB to UART interface. Allows programming both fe310 and esp32 without JTAG programmer
  • Added LSM9DS1 accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer sensor